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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Guru bahasa Inggeris saya menasihatkan saya untuk menulis lima atau enam ayat sehari untuk menguasai bahasa tersebut. Ia boleh berbentuk diari atau jurnal. Yang pentingnya menulis. Biasakan diri dengan bahasa.


Berikut adalah hasil kerja rumah yang saya siapkan. Saya paparkan hasil yang telah diperiksa dan diperbaiki oleh guru saya. Namun, di bahagian akhir tulisan ini saya siarkan juga komen guru saya.



“Feel free to join football match tonight. Har! Har! Don’t be late. Adios amigos!”

Although the message sounded cheerful it doesn’t affect me. I can’t join them. That’s because I have to finish my homework.

Yes, my ‘homework’. Well, let see what we can get from it.

I would like to share about what has been said by Jocelyn A.Butler, a researcher in School Improvement Research Series SIRC about homework, “Home work is the time students spend outside the classroom in assigned activities to practice, reinforce or apply newly – acquired skills and knowledge and to learn necessary skills of independent study.” It sounded acceptable to me.

The next part of this writing is about positive and negatives sides to homework. Actually, homework might be positive and also negative. It depends on how we manage it. For example, we can differentiate amount of homework based on students level. This is because, pupils at difeerent age’s needs different skills and knowledge. We cannot ask a child at kinder garden level to spend more than one hour in their homework. They just cannot do it.

However, we can increase the time when talk about students at junior high school level. They can manage to handle more than one hour, but should not be required to do more than two hours of homework. The differences in the amount of homework should be like that, especially in order to maximize the benefits of homework and minimize the negative effect.

By now, we might list the benefits which we can gain from homework.

  1. Help student’s to remember what has been studied.

Imagine studying maths without homework, it’s useless. There were lot of formulas to be applied. Doing homework will help us to learn how to apply those.

  1. Keep student occupied.

Doing homework doesn’t mean that the student are weak in the subject. In some case, we should tell them that doing this stuff will help them to manage their own time.

  1. Help students to prepare for next lessons.

We also need to know that the students really understood some certain topics before moving to another. But how? Some of the solution may come through doing homework.

The other perspective of this writing is about the negative effect of homework.

  1. It will reduce prime time with family.

Imagine, a student wakes up early in the morning. After performing their prayers and having some breakfast, they go to school. After that they continue their journey to additional class and they reached home in the late afternoon. After having some food for a dinner, they are back in their room to finish their homework. They end their day by finishing homework. So, where is the time to bond with the family?

  1. It might cause boredom.

After dozens of homework, they’ll get bored. And this is not good for them. We should make study something enjoyable.

After all that we have discussed, I would like to conclude that homework is important. It can bring us maximum benefits but it all depends on how we control it.

Teacher Shakuntala:

“Good work but quite often there are passages that you write that are not really required. Keep to the topic and stick to use one tense throughout, usually past tense.”

Me: “Thank you Teacher.”